Jake & Cole : Team Ware

Here are a few shots with the Ware family. Keep an eye out for these athletic brothers who will be sure to make a splash in the sports world.

Saturday Morning Market

Love the Saturday Morning Markets in St. Petersburg, FL! The fish tacos at the Taco Lady stand are one of our favorites at the market. Also pictured is some great dishes from Green Chili Indian Bistro, located just around the corner from the market!

Night Market : Chinatown

Had an awesome time with awesome friends at the Philly Night Market. There were thousands of foodies indulging on their food truck cravings.  Chinatown never felt so alive! We of course continued the night at Yakitori Boy for some late night drinks and grammy  nominating karaoke.

Jimmy & Dana : A Backyard Wedding

What an honor it was to shoot this intimate backyard wedding between two amazing people. They definitely proved that family, close-nit friends, and liquor is all you really need! Oh yeah and amazing food! Congrats again Jimmy & Dana!

Last Minute Softball

Though I haven’t played softball since college, I was excited to help out some friends that needed an extra player for their softball league. Being the sports junkie that I am, I jumped on the chance to play. Mother nature decided not to rain us out and I was reminded of how fun a simple game of “catch” can be.