Sixers vs OKC : ET vs KD

Growing up a die hard Sixers fan and watching this team grow these past 2 years has been truly awesome. I was able to score great seats for when the mighty OKC Thunder came into town and got some great shots of the 3 time scoring champ Kevin Durant! Props to Evan Turner for not backing down to the Durantula and being ready to throw it down. Props to Michael Blackson (Comedian) for being a creeper and taking pics of the cheerleaders. And props to Mo Cheeks for being Mo Cheeks, you are always welcomed home!  Finals Preview?… ha I wish! GO SIXERS!

Florida State Fair ’12

The Florida State Fair is held in Tampa every February, which is lucky for me & Leah and of course our hungry bellies! With tons of random food on sticks and fried EVERYTHING, I was in heaven. Definite thumbs up to  Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers & fried pickles & snickers. Thumbs down to fried Mountain Dew! Be sure to check out the fair if you are ever around in February, just make sure not to bring weapons or wear Club Colors!

Fly Eagles Fly!

Though this season was an EPIC FAIL, it was awesome to finally go to my first Eagles game. The Eagles won 34-10 on this New Years Day and hopefully giving us some momentum to carry us into next season. To quote our city’s favorite line… “There’s always next year”

Sumo Steaks - Great pics!!

John’s Roast Pork : Cheesesteak

Another top cheesesteak checked off the list! Living in the birthplace of the cheesesteak, everyone claims to have the best.  John’s Roast Pork has been on the corner of Weccacoe and Snyder Avenue since 1930 and has claimed to have the best cheese steak in Philadelphia. With my cousin in town we headed down to try their cheesesteak. Though I was disappointed that whiz wasn’t available, I was very happy with my sharp provolone. Definitely deserving of top cheesesteaks in Philly. Next is to actually try their Roast pork!

Adidas Adizero Rose 2.0

Its been awhile since I purchased a new pair of basketball shoes, so I was pretty excited to pick up a pair of the new Derrick Rose Adizeros. I have been through a tremendous amount of basketball shoes, but a majority being Nikes. I was reluctant to change brands, but realized I made the right choice when I slipped these puppies on. Light weight, breathable with sturdy construction, only durability is left to be tested. Hopefully these shoes make me run faster and jump higher because I actually buy basketball shoes to play basketball. See you on the court.