Miranda at the park

My how this child has grown! Check out Miranda’s latest pics as we spent a fun day at the park with mommy and daddy and a strange man with a camera haha. Always a great time shooting this girl, who will soon be a big sister! Congrats to the Bucci family as they well soon be welcoming their 2nd child!

Harlin…for now

So i’m moving out and I finally got to meet who was replacing me as the new roommate. Meet Harlin (for now), a 3 month old red nose pit who is ready for many adventures! Welcome to the Huckstable!

Post Tough Mudder

Congrats to my Tough Mudder Team! Through barbed wire, fire, freezing ice water and electrocution, you did not quit! After 12 miles of HELL, we accomplished our goal and had a great time celebrating at our Pocono house. I’ll see you at the next MUDDER!

Manatee Swim & Winter the Dolphin

With my latest trip down to Florida, Leah scheduled us for a swim with manatees tour. As an added bonus, Leah’s mom visited for the weekend and joined us for the adventure! ( p.s. Thanks for all the food!!) And what an adventure we had! Though we had to drive nearly 2 hours and the sun had yet to rise before we hit the water, it was a once in a lifetime experience that we all will never forget. Armed with our trusty underwater camera, we were able to get some awesome shots of a wild calf who played with us all day! We also took a trip over to Clearwater to visit Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter, of course is the star of the movie Dolphin Tale, which depicts the true story of a dolphin who lost her tail from being caught in a crab trap. Not a dull moment all week! Thanks again to Leah for always¬†topping¬†my last trip!

Roselyn Belle

Miss Belle is the latest edition to the Dalumpines/Cero clan and is already being spoiled by her big brother!