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Mike & Kristen : Married

Congrats again to these High school sweet hearts on tying the knot! I laugh, I cried and I danced the night away. Thanks again for letting me capture your memories and big thanks to Matt. G for backing me up!

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Married: Ben & Lacey

Congrats to Ben & Lacey for showing us that the only things needed in life are family, friends and a lot of liquor! Rain or shine this wedding was a blast to shoot and everyone had a great time! Thanks again to Ben & Lacey for letting me capture your special day and shout out…

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Josh & Katie : Married

Had an awesome time shooting this wedding for good friends Katie & Josh. Check out Katie’s Blog  http://www.acheapchiclife.com/  for a chic but cheap outlook on life. It was a tough balance trying to be a guest and the photographer at a wedding but I made sure I drank and danced my butt off in between “working”. Speaking…

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Jimmy & Dana : A Backyard Wedding

What an honor it was to shoot this intimate backyard wedding between two amazing people. They definitely proved that family, close-nit friends, and liquor is all you really need! Oh yeah and amazing food! Congrats again Jimmy & Dana!

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