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Night Market : Chinatown

Had an awesome time with awesome friends at the Philly Night Market. There were thousands of foodies indulging on their food truck cravings.  Chinatown never felt so alive! We of course continued the night at Yakitori Boy for some late night drinks and grammy  nominating karaoke.

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Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo (Adobong Manok) is the national dish of the Philippine Islands. Adobo meaning “marinade” in spanish consists of a combination of soy sauce, vinegar and garlic, with a sprinkling of peppercorns and bay leaves. This combination of ingredients creates the Filipino adobo, not to be confused by the Spanish versions of adobo who share the…

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Delassandro’s Steaks & Hoagies : Whiz Wit

The Philadelphia Cheesesteak is a world renowned sandwich that defines our city of brotherly love. You come to Philadelphia, you eat a cheesesteak. Everybody has THEIR cheesesteak. Whether you are a Pats, or Genos kind of guy or maybe a Jim’s or a Tony Luke’s kind of gal, there is a cheesesteak for you. Having…

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Flag Day ’11

This year marks the 3rd annual Flag Day. Thanks to our hosts Lauren & Holly and props to the man in charge Matt Gari aka white lightning. Looking forward to next years celebration!

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St. Petersburg/Tampa: Florida

This time down in florida I really wanted to shoot more film. With my trusty Nikon FG i was able to capture some of the fun things Leah and I enjoy to do while in Florida. Pictured below are shots from the new Dali art museum, First Friday @ Down town St. Petersburg, Saturday Morning…

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