Food Truckin Footballing & Kayaking

With my better half in Florida, we try to dive into new adventures as much as possible and November called for good eats, football, and kayaking. We started off with the First Food Truck Rally in Pinellas county (Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area.) I think we both agreed on the the Fire Monkey Food Truck as our favorite after sampling the Yukatan Howler Balls, a deep fried risotto ball stuffed with beef, black beans, onions and peppers, and cheese. The runner up was an Asian pulled pork slider on a Hawaiian sweet roll topped with cucumbers and sriracha from the Flying Sliders Food Truck. Gotta love that sriracha!

We kept up with the monkey theme and ventured over to the Gone Bananas truck for some dessert. I ordered the whipped banana, it seemed reasonable healthy at first but couldn’t resist adding graham crackers and chocolate sprinkles. The lady headed over to the all natural, artisan popsicle stand, Whatever Pops!, for a  reversed Cookies & Cream ice pop. After a few nibbles, I gladly accepted her offer after she handed it off to me, “I want some chips and salsa instead.” Clearly, she’s not much of  a sweets person.  It easily beat out my dessert and I was even tempted to head back for another popsicle. Too stuffed for more food, we were ready for some football so we headed over to Tampa for the USF Bulls vs University of Miami game at the Raymond James Stadium.

Sunday afternoon was spent kayaking at the Weedon Island Preserve, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our door. Entrusting the map to my Captain, within minutes, we were lost and rowing out to who-knows-where! We finally found our way and make our victory loop around Riviera Bay. Next time,  the map is in my hands!

P.S.: Thank you for always planning a great trip.